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Wilson Silva
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Getting a motorcycle driver's license in Phuket

I recently obtained my motorcycle driver’s license at Honda Safety Riding Park Phuket. The online booking process proved to be a bit challenging since the website was not entirely in English. However, I sought assistance from the staff by contacting them and also visited the park in person to get my questions answered.

Securing a spot for the Pre-Riding course required booking about 3 months in advance due to high demand. The cost was 2000 THB, and the practical lessons spanned 2 days. On the first day, I went through a physical aptitude test, received a brief introduction to the motorcycle’s basic functions, and then spent the rest of the day riding it through an obstacle course.

The second day involved more riding practice, an easy practical riding test, and a relatively quick theoretical lesson with a few mock exams on a computer. To pass the real exam, I needed to get 45 questions correct out of 50. The questions and answers were automatically translated from Thai to English, making the test a bit harder than expected.

Thankfully, I passed the exam on my first attempt. After passing the exam, I received a certificate. The next step was to visit a medical clinic to get a medical test done, which cost around 100 THB.

To proceed with obtaining the license, I needed a proof of address document, and I followed these steps:

  1. Gathered the required documents, including passport-sized pictures, passport copies, copy of my visa, TM30, and 300 baht for processing fees.
  2. Visited the local Immigration Office in Phuket to submit all the required documents and processing fee for the proof of address document.
  3. The Immigration Office processed my application and provided me with the proof of address document. I made sure to obtain at least two copies since they might be needed for other purposes, like buying a motorcycle.

Once I had the medical check document, driving school certificate, passport, and proof of address document, I went to the Phuket Provincial Transport Office to book an appointment. At the appointment, they repeated the physical reflexes tests, took my pictures, I paid a few more hundred baht, and they printed my driver’s license. It’s important to have extra proof of address documents for other purposes, as obtaining them from immigration can be time-consuming.

Finally, I purchased a new motorcycle from a local dealer and rode it home with my new license.

Honda Click 160 Motorcycle
Honda Click 160 Motorcycle

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